Savanna Wild Island 2021 : Grand Arôme SC #991 2006 12 years

Savanna Wild Island Edition 2021

One of our favorite distillery released at the beginning of 2022 the second part of the Wild Island Edition 2021 with two Grand Arôme from the same cask (#991); the “Piton des Neiges” in cask strength at 63,9% and the “Grand Etangs Sec”  reduce to 59,9%.

This collection aims to highlight the beauty of nature on the island by showing some beautiful pictures of it on the label.

As usual, Savanna is giving us plenty of details on the label as we could read it’s a Grand Arôme Rhum (High Ester Rum) distilled in 2006 and aged 12 years in ex-Cognac and ex-Armagnac casks.

Savanna Grand Arome 2006 Single Cask 12 years 2
Savanna Grand Arôme 2006 Single Cask 12 years

Tasting Notes

Nose: At first it smells like a mix of Herr and Lontan with olives and fruits followed by notes of solvent, candied fruits, buttery pastry, and dry wood. The ethanol is well integrated, still, we let the rum breathe for 30 minutes. 

Palate: Gourmand(pastry-ish), still the candied fruits but more specifically apricot and prune, also some quince note. We have the typical “grand arôme” notes with olives, strawberry candy(Fraise Tagada), and some wood and spices. The finish was on overcooked fruits and bitter almonds in the back.

Technical Data

  • Distillery: Savanna
  • Type: Rhum Grand Arôme (High Ester)
  • Millesime: 2006
  • Single Cask n°991
  • 12 years old
  • 490 bottles
  • 59,9% vol
  • 500ml
  • Tropical aged, ex-Cognac and ex-Armagnac

Savanna Wild Island Edition 2021 #991 “Grand Etang Sec” 59,9% on our webshop

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Savanna Grand Arôme 2006 Single Cask 12 years (1)

The Savanna Wild Island Edition 2021 Full Serie

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