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The Modern Alchemist - Cocktail Bar in Brussels

The Modern Alchemist is born from an unexpected encounter of three very different guys with the same mindset.

Benjamin always knew he wanted to work behind a bar. After graduating from a wine and spirits college formation in France in 2005, he travelled the world working in numerous cocktail bars and hotel lounges. His journey ended up in Brussels in 2013 where he quickly became head bartender in a huge whisky and absinth bar and sometimes in the rum and cocktail bar next door.

Cocktail Bar Team The Modern Alchemist
The Modern Alchemist 2022 Team

Christopher was in charge of this last place after a couple of years shaking the drinks. He was first driven there as a customer by his thirst for cocktails, which quickly evolved into an unstoppable thirst for knowledge when he joined the staff. His scientific background at college leads him to learn all the nitty-gritty of mixing spirits.

Sébastien was already working in the same company for six years and managed all their bars, including the two later. Joining the industry service during college by necessity, he swiftly fell in love with this beautiful world. Working his way up from the bottom, learning everything he possibly could, this enthusiast became head bartender of several places before running all their bars.

In 2016, a couple of years after meeting each other and working together, sickened by all the problems they couldn’t solve due to hierarchy, the idea of creating our place emerged.
While refining our business plan and improving our skills further, we scattered in well-known Brussels cocktail bars.

The following year, satisfied with the project on paper, we relentlessly looked for the proper place to house our dream. It nearly took us one more year, but we found a hidden gem nestled in the heart of St-Gilles. Having little knowledge in renovation but a lot of motivation, we rolled up our sleeves and literally dug in. Month after month, setbacks after blood and tears, the washed-up old café transformed into what we dreamt of for three years.

The Modern Alchemist opened on the 4th of December 2018.

Bottled cocktails perfect serve from The Modern Alchemist
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