New: Break-even Rum Bottles

What’s a Break-Even Bottle?

We think, at The Modern Alchemist, that bottles are made to be drunk and not to be collected. So we want to allow you to try some rare or expensive bottles or even some bartender’s favorite, – at cost -. This concept directly comes from the USA, where it’s first appeared at Anvil Bar & Refuge in Houston. There’s even a hashtag behind it: #DrukenSocialism

So what does that mean?

You will have the chance to have a glass from a nice bottle of Rum at the price we bought it and not bar priced. So everyone could sip an exclusive bottle(including us) without ruining their hard-earned money nor purchasing a whole bottle. Sharing is caring! And there are spirits’ educational purposes behind it.

What’s happened when a bottle is empty? We buy something else. You have to be quick if you see something that you want to try.

I’m on my way!

Of course, there will be some limitations to avoid any abuse. We will allow only one glass (3cl) per customer per bottle. It will also be available only during quiet hours and with the purchase of another drink.

Starting Next Week.

We’ll start this Monday with four bottles in a row (actually, it’s more 2×2 bottles, but we’ll come to it in the next article). It will be a joint bottling between Velier and E&A Scheer with a rum from Monymusk, Jamaica.

First Break-Even Bottles: Monymusk MMW 11y & EMB 14y “The Two Merchants”

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