The Modern Alchemist Cane Solo


Experience the essence of Jamaican rum with The Modern Alchemist Cane Solo! Crafted by the renowned Worthy Park Distillery and bottled by The Modern Alchemist bar, this limited-edition rum is a true treasure. Bottled at 59% ABV, it’s perfect for creating exquisite daiquiris and other inspired cocktails. Indulge in the smoothness and depth of Cane Solo, now available exclusively at our online store or at the bar. Don’t miss out on this rum adventure!

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The Modern Alchemist Cane Solo

Funky Jamaican Pure Juice Rum


DISTILLERY: Worthy Park Estate
COUNTRY: Jamaica
TYPE: Pure Sugarcane Juice Rum
ABV: 59%
AGED: Unaged
SIZE: 70cl

Introducing Cane Solo: The Force of Jamaican Pure Juice Rum!

Attention all rum aficionados and flavor explorers! We’re thrilled to unveil our newest gem that will transport your taste buds to the exotic shores of Jamaica—Cane Solo Rum!

Crafted with utmost care and expertise, Cane Solo embodies the essence of Jamaican sugarcane, offering a tantalizing journey into the world of pure juice rum. Bottled at a perfect 59% ABV, it packs a punch that perfectly complements its smoothness and depth, making it ideal for creating exquisite daiquiris and other inspired cocktails.

Set sail on a tropical escape with every sip of The Modern Alchemist Cane Solo. Let the vibrant notes of sun-kissed sugarcane and the rich character of Jamaican craftsmanship transport you to paradise, where the rhythm of the Caribbean pulses through your veins. It’s pure rum bliss in a bottle!

Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or simply love to savor the finest spirits, The Modern Alchemist Cane Solo offers endless possibilities for cocktail creations and moments of pure enjoyment. Discover new combinations, reimagine classics, or savor it neat—the choice is yours. Allow Cane Solo to be your companion on this rum-fueled journey.

The time has come to experience the allure of Cane Solo! Our limited-edition rum, carefully selected by our team, is now available exclusively at our cocktail bar and on our webshop. Secure your bottle today and be among the fortunate few to indulge in this exquisite creation. Trust us; it’s a rum adventure you won’t want to miss!

Cocktail recipe

“May the Forsyths be with you”

  • Combine 5 cl of Cane Solo Rum,
  • Add 3 cl of fresh lime juice for a zesty and refreshing twist.
  • Incorporate 2 cl of simple syrup to provide a touch of sweetness and balance.
  • Shake the mixture vigorously to blend all the flavors harmoniously.
  • Strain the cocktail into a coupette glass to create an elegant presentation.
  • Prepare to enjoy a captivating taste journey with this Daiquiri, where the sublime Cane Solo Rum takes center stage.
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