Longueteau Cuvée Solidaire


This Longueteau Cuvée Solidaire was created during the Covid-19 pandemic to help the hospitality industry in five countries: France, St Martin, St Barthelemy, Andorre, and Belgium. For each bottle sold, 3€ will help the hospitality industry (Restaurants & Bars) in their respective country.

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Longueteau Cuvée Solidaire Belgium

(Limited Release, 2500 bottles)

DISTILLERY: Longueteau
COUNTRY: Guadeloupe
TYPE: Rhum Agricole
ABV: 50%
AGED: unaged
SIZE : 70cl

“From 1895, Henri Longueteau transforms the old sugar refinery in order to manufacture the “z’habitant” rum, which results directly from the sugar cane juice distillation. Called nowadays agricultural rum, it is appreciated by worldwide connoisseurs. Since then, four generations have succeeded one after another on the Domain, keeping alive the love of the land and of the job well done with the following values: quality, passion, and tradition. Today, the Longueteau distillery is the only distillery in Guadeloupe 100% self-sufficient in sugarcane. Most of the sugarcane comes only from the plantations of the domain, which is located at the foot of the “Soufrière” Massif. The agricultural rum manufactured this way allows us to develop a high-quality collection, which is each year an award-winner national and international contest such as those of Paris and Belgium. The Longueteau rums are among the most prestigious of the French West Indies.” – From Longueteau.



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