Amores Verde Momento Mezcal


COUNTRY: Mexico (Oaxaca – Tlacolula)
TYPE: Mezcal Joven (Organic)
ABV: 42%
AGED: Unaged
SIZE: 70cl

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Amores Verde Momento Mezcal


“Mezcal Verde is an artisanal mezcal with 100% natural fermentation that uses a mix of different woods in the cooking process to obtain a smokier profile.

Verde Momentos’s goal is to rescue the essence of any good drink: enjoy the present and have fun.


Agave is the raw material that sets us apart from any other distillate in the world. There are more than 200 different types of agave in the world, from Arizona to Colombia. In Mexico, there are over 150 species, making up 75% of the total diversity. Amongst all those types, only 22 have been found to be used for mezcal production, unlike tequila, for which there is only one.

Agave grows, reproduces once, and dies. Agave grows gradually in extreme conditions, absorbing solar energy for its photosynthesis and transforming water and CO2 into starch (sugars), which eventually results in its sexual maturity. After 7 years, the plant reaches its sexual maturity with a high concentration of sugars in its core (piña), giving place to the quiote or calehual –the flowering phallus in the center of the piña. In less than a year, it will grow from 4 to 9 meters, consuming all of its sexual energy and then die.


The agave is selected by jimadores –people who harvest agave plants– whose knowledge has been passed down through generations to get the best of the land in order to get the best mezcal wine.

In a regular eight-hour working journey, four jimadores can harvest up to 70 piñas –3.5 tons, obtaining about 350 liters of mezcal. […]” -From Amores Verde Mezcal








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