Citadelle Gin


TYPE: Dry Gin
ABV: 44%
AGED: unaged
SIZE: 70cl

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Citadelle Gin


Citadelle Original, the pioneer of French gin.

Citadelle Original is our very first gin, the French gin par excellence. Dry and structured, it strikes a perfect balance between finesse and intensity. It has been the signature expression of our savoir-faire since 1996.

Citadelle Original offers a rich and complete aromatic palette.

Juniper introduces Citadelle’s signature botanical from the outset, then opens up to bright citrus notes that enhance the juniper berry’s freshness. The finish leans more exotic… long and spicy thanks to touches of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Citadelle Original is ideal in a gin & tonic with a twist of lemon peel. It goes perfectly with a platter of oysters for a true pairing of the best of southwest France.

Have you tried it in our Citadelle Gin Tonic?

Citadelle Original has won over 80 medals, including “Spirit of the Year” at the World Spirits Award 2017. It was also voted “Best French Gin in the World” in the Top 100 Spirits and awarded “Gin Grand Master” in London.” -From Citadelle Gin!








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